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Fancy a Caricature?

We get regular requests about custom oddgods caricatures and we’re more than happy to help. Whether you’re looking for one of yourself, a gift for a birthday, anniversary or any other celebration we’ve got you covered.

Drop us an email and we’ll happily discuss your requirements. Once your oddgods caricature has been completed we can even print your design onto a poster, t-shirt, hooded top or mug!


  • A few photos of the person you’d like illustrated
  • A brief description of any distinguishing features
  • What clothing you’d like the person to be featured in, ie kit, uniform, rugby shirt, dress etc
  • A name or strap-line you’d like featured

That about covers everything! The lead time on the caricatures depends on details required but we always aim to fulfil your deadline.

Take a look at the recent examples we’ve illustrated below, we always do our best to capture the persons likeness as best we can:-)

To find out more details, feel free to email us at info@oddgods.co.uk